Precise targeting for TMS

Precise targeting for TMS treatment

ANT Neuro's FDA cleared visor2* TMS Neuronavigation system allows clinicians to deliver accurate, consistent, and personalized TMS sessions

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ANT Neuro's FDA cleared visor2 TMS ​Neuronavigation system allows to deliver more accurate, consistent, and personalized navigated TMS therapy

Best in class TMS Neuronavigation

buy neuronavigation system forTMS Machine with great step by step workflow

Intuitive step-by-step workflows for entire navigated TMS session

visor2™ offers simple step-by-step workflows that walk users through the entire navigated TMS therapy session. The simple user interface ensures a seamless and intuitive experience, enhancing efficiency and safety while minimizing requirements for technician training. 

precise targeting

Streamlined motor threshold determination, and precise, reproducible targeting of TMS pulses

targeting of TMS pulses.

The optional motor threshold measurement workflow in visor2™ facilitates fast and accurate measurement of a patient's motor threshold. 
visor2's™ target helper tool guides the clinician to precisely place the TMS coil over user-defined treatment targets.


measurement workflow in visor2 facilitates fast and accurate measurement of a patient's motor threshold.

personalized navigation with MRI
Personalized navigation with or without individual MRI or fMRI 

visor2™* enables TMS providers to use an individual patient's brain image (MRI) or functional evaluation  (fMRI) to define treatment targets and navigate the TMS coil based on the patient's unique neuroanatomy. 
When a patient's MRI is unavailable a simple scalp-based navigation workflow using the 5.5cm rule guides placement of the TMS coil.

neurocare, magventure, magstim, neuronetics

Compatible with most FDA 510(k) approved TMS systems
visor2™ seamlessly integrates with a wide range of TMS systems, including Magstim (Horizon), MagVenture, neurocare (Apollo), and Neuronetics (Neurostar). This open approach ensures that the visor2™ system will be compatible with your current TMS device without locking you in to a particular system. 
Reusable tracking tools allow integration into your existing TMS setups with no recurring costs.

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*Each TMS device is FDA cleared for specific indications. Please consult your TMS stimulator manufacturer for more information.

visor2™ system is CE marked as a medical device in the EU, class IIa and has FDA clearance under 510(k) in the USA. Medical Device License (MDL) issued by Health Canada. Compliant with the Australian TG(MD)R and registered in the ARTG. Manufactured by eemagine GmbH, Berlin, Germany, ISO 13485 certifiedANT Neuro and eemagine are part of the neuromotion group.